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Summertime and Our Dogs

The summer months are a wonderful time to get out and spend time with our dogs. However, life in the sun is not always easy for our four-legged companions. Just like humans, our pets can dehydrate, overheat, sunburn and suffer from insect bites. By following the below precautions, you can keep your pets healthy and […]

Success Story – Paul & Gillian with Callie

Callie in her pretty bow! Hi I’m Callie, Here’s a brief background on me, I lived outside for the first couple of months of my life and because of the environment I was exposed to, I became timid.  I was rescued by ARF and adopted at 3 months – which is pretty cool since I […]

The dogma of Digging

Spring is upon us and with the disappearance of winter comes the emergence of long buried smells, insects, and new growth. Most dogs love this time of year for exploring, sniffing, and tearing up the earth. Digging can be a frustrating behaviour for dog owners and one that many dogs love to do! Much like chewing, […]

The dogma of Manners – Part 1: Jumping

Many dog owners face the challenge of training their dog not to jump on people. It can be frustrating and embarrassing and we often unintentionally reward this behaviour. Whether it is the first time we bring our sweet puppy home and give them cuddles while they jump up on us, or even if we say “No!” and […]

The dogma of Handling – Part 1

One of the most important skills I have with my dogs is how they accept handling and the calming affect it has on them. I feel that this is a critical thing to work on with dogs, and in my experience, see that most dog owner’s and people who interact with dogs, unknowingly encourage the […]

The dogma of Dog Training – Three Important Traits of an Effective Trainer

There are many important skills that are important to being effective in your training with your dog. These include your handling skills, controlling your own body language, understanding your dog’s body language and many other essential traits/skills. However, when you are first starting training, or even if you have been training for some time, this […]

The dogma of Dog Training – Introduction to Positive Training

Reward Based Training At dogma, our approach to training is reward based. You may have heard this referred to as positive reinforcement training. The basic concept is that dogs learn primarily through association. So this means that if you reward them for a behaviour, they will perform this behaviour more.  Rewards can be anything and […]

The dogma of Relationship Building – Part 1

Dogs are social animals and they are pack animals. I do agree that we need to guide and take responsibility for them and our family, but why does this have to be so much about being a pack leader? I do teach my dogs rules, structure and manners, but this whole idea of being a leader […]

The dogma of Distraction Training – Part 1

“My dog is perfect inside the house, but forgets everything and pays no attention to me outside!” Have you ever found yourself saying this or can you relate to this statement? Every dog owner has felt frustration with their dog at one time or another due to their dog’s short attention span. A common mistake […]

The dogma of the ‘drop it’ cue

The ‘drop it’ cue is one that we consider a potential life-saving skill for your dog. This teaches your dog to release an item in their mouth when they hear you say ‘drop it’ (or any cue you would like to say such as ‘give’, ‘mine’, etc). This could be something that could be dangerous […]