unleash your dog's spirit 


An Exclusive School for Dogs:

Join dogmaU to experience the difference! We have set the standards in daycare and provide more than just playtime for your dogs. We have daily scheduled activities to provide additional mental stimulation and training for the dogs. 

Setting the Standards:

We are the leader for pet care in Calgary! Our high standards of excellence and unwillingness to compromise for increased profits have made us the most desirable facilities in Calgary for dog daycare. 



We are the only day school in the city that: 

  • is owned and operated by a DCBC, CPDT-KSA and CBCC-KA certified dog trainer. And all of our trainers and management have,or are working towards these same designations too.
  • groups all the dogs by size and then the play styles. And no group ever has more than 10 dogs.
  • has 3/8" recycled rubber and fully sealed flooring. Every one plays, sleeps and learns on a safe, clean surface. 
  • mandates a strict training program for all day school attendants before anyone is left to supervise your dog.
  • has trained team members that supervise all of the dogs 100% of the time.
  • conducts certified dog behaviour assessments for all dogs over the age of six months before they are accepted into day school. We want to set everyone up for success!
  • has a daily routine of play, training and nap time. And, as an added service, dogma provides additional training programs to help rehabilitate shy/fearful dogs and a specialized program for puppies.
  • has two facilities in the city, each with over 6000 ft2 of space for safe, secure play for your dog.

On top of the love and attention your dog will receive with us, you can be rest assured that they will never undergo any physical corrections of any type. We never allow any chains or non-quick release collars into the day school either. Quite frankly, we don't believe these techniques work. And we have the training and education to back up our beliefs. Just ask us!



experience the dogmaU difference

dogmaU - the only Canine school that provides daily school themed activities to provide additional training and mental stimulation for the dogs! We do more than just playtime at dogma; naptimes, overall manners, basic obedience, games, sports, handling and a variety of activities that are all-inclusive in your daily daycare rate! No where will you find the level of care your dog will receive when they are enrolled at dogmaU.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.