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One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why. Unknown

- Unknown



Nero has been at Dogma for the past two years as a daycare "kid" and also for a number of classes. All of the staff at Dogma are knowledgeable about dog behaviour and I feel entirely comfortable dropping him off each day knowing he will come home tired and happy. They have helped me work through a number of small behaviour issues and suggested a variety of approaches which is terrific since not one way works for all dogs in all places. I highly recommend anyone with a dog to check out Dogma and if you are planning on adding a puppy to your house check out the incredible puppy class options they provide before your bring the new one home.


My dog Grizz has been attending dogma, pretty much since he was a wee baby! Even though he hates car rides, he will get into the car if we sing his daycare song "Grizzy's going to daycare, daycare, daycare, daycare!" We sing it on the way down so he knows all that horrible car ride business is getting him to Dogma for a day of fun!


So much love for the staff at Dogma! We get Jake a monthly pass every month so that he can hang with other pooches while we work. We appreciate the "nothing's free" philosophy that they employ, and Tracy is a huge fan of the fact that they have rubber floors to save Jake's elbows when he gets to wrestling with other dogs. The staff always have time to answer questions, and I can tell they love my boy very much. Again, Dogma staff, much love and respect!


Thought you'd like to hear the break through we were expecting has basically happened. Tuesday she played with a 7 month old lab that she had never met before basically instantly (yes - a wiggly lab - who woulda think that would happen) and more than simply wanting to be chased - she actually wrestled a bit as well. In case we don't express it enough - Kelly and I are so thankyou for everything you are your staff have done for us and Roxy words escape me.