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Basic Grooming Services

Enjoy the convenience of basic grooming services for your dog while they are at dogmaU. We can provide baths, nail trims and brush outs while they are here for a day full of play!


Full Service Grooming Services

The Wag Dog Grooming as a full service shop at our Killarney location and provide the high quality services for any breed of dog. They take the time and care to ensure your dog learns to enjoy grooming. They are up for the challenge and never rush or push a dog!

Add ons

daycareratescircleOur dog daycare goes above and beyond by providing exceptional services and activities you will not find elsewhere in the city. Our inclusive rates include naptimes, feeding, giving medication, basic manners training, daily games and activities, individual love and affection and more!

Some of you want even more! You asked for it and now we are thrilled to offer a variety of add ons to your dog's dogmaU day. These do not need to be booked in advance. Just tell a team member when you drop your dog off! It's just one more way we are setting the standard in dog care and maximizing your dog's stay with us.


Make the most of your dog's day with these custom add-on's:


Special Treats (Pampering, Refreshments & Spa!)



Book your dog for grooming while they are at daycare! We also offer walk-in services for any of our basic services. We have a variety of services at each location! If your dog is not comfortable with grooming, talk to us about how we can help them to calmly accept grooming and improve their handling skills.