unleash your dog's spirit 


Special Treats

Pampered Pups:
Unique activities, fun games and just some extra
special things your dog can enjoy on their own! 


Pamper your pooch by providing some stress
free basic grooming!

Game Time!
(Ex: , agility, tug)
   $15 Nail Trim $10

Brain Booster
(Ex: interactive toy, nose work, puzzle)

$8 Ear Cleaning $10
Massage $15 Tooth Brushing $10
Turn Down for Naptime
(extra bedding, biscuit on pillow)

Bath *

One-on-one walk (5-10 minutes) $10 Premium Bath (special products)* $20
Photo booth pictures sent at end of day  $3 Brush Out*    $10
Video sent at end of day $5 Spa Package*:
(bath, brush and nails)
Individual 15 minutes in office with team $3 Spoiled Rotten Package*:
(premium spa, before and after brush
and stuffed kong to make it stress free)
    *Chinook location only  

Special treats for those days you think your dog
deserves something extra!

Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong $4
Chew Bone (small, medium, large) $5-9
Hot Dog (veggie or turkey) $2

Flavour ice cubes:
(available in yogurt & fruit, beef or

Bottled water $2
Flavoured bottled water    $3.50