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Mutt Show

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dogma's 6th Annual Mutt Show

A dog show with heart that showcases everything we love about our dogs!

Registration closes June 15th! Good luck to all of the participants! 


Don't miss Calgary's best dog event; the sixth annual Mutt Show! Learn about local animal rescue groups and meet animals currently available for adoption, all in a unique dog-show style format. There will be a variety of pet-related businesses, activities for dogs and families, and food and refreshments.


We are focusing fundraising efforts on a wonderful local therapy dog group, Chestermere Therapy Dogs Society! There will be a range of fundraising activities happening leading up the event and during the Mutt Show to help collect donations to put towards this amazing group.


When: Saturday, June 17th

Time: 11 am - 3:00 pm

Where: 5, 2835 - 37 Street SW

We will be having a full day for you to showcase all of your dog's best features/talents! You must register your dog to compete in the show and there are a limited number of spots for each category. We will have guest judges and prizes will be awarded for each winner!

Show Categories

Princes and Princesses (up to the age of 5 months):
This is an hour full of puppy overload! Puppies get to join in on the fun activities and participate in one of the best events for training/socialization. However, the Mr. & Mrs. Mutt Show is for dogs over the age of 5 months only.

  1. Puppy Soccer Tournament: Watch to see which team can get the most balls across the goal line of the other team!
  2. Puppy Versus...: We have a couple fun items to show your puppy. The puppy with the best reaction to each item wins! This one full of laughs!
  3. Puppy Dash: Which puppy will get to their owner the fastest? It will be the whole group running at once so will be a challenge but lots of fun!
  4. Best Wiggles: Who doesn't love to watch a group of puppies show off their wiggles? Will your puppy get the audience laughing or falling in love with their wiggles?
  5. Puppy Pool: A pool full of items every puppy loves! The puppy with the best reaction wins!

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Kings and Queens (dogs over the age of 5 months):

Talent Show:

  1. **FULL - How Well Do You Know Your Dog?: Your dog needs to know leave it for this game, but the real test is in if you know what items will tempt them or what items they will leave. We've got a whole range of stuff that is sure to tempt your pooch!
  2. **FULL - Temptation Alley: A recall race with a twist! Whose dog will get to them the fastest while running through a variety of tempting items?
  3. **FULL - Longest Stay: A group event to see which dog can stay the longest. If they are too good, we have a few tricks to see if we can distract them!
  4. Fastest Stunt Dog: An agility course with a twist. There may even be a 'flaming' hoop or some dangerous animals your stunt dog must get by!
  5. Strongest Dog: How many push ups (one push up = sit to a down) can your dog do in 45 seconds? The dog with the most wins!
  6. Best Trick: Show off your dog's best trick! The judges will decide who has the most impressive trick!
  7. Best Catch: We are looking for the best style or biggest air! The judges will pick which dog has the best catch!
  8. Musical Chairs: One of our favourite games and a classic at all of our events! Your dog needs to know stay to win this one.
  9. **FULL - Egg & Spoon Race: Can you practice loose leash walking with your dog and keep your 'egg' in the spoon? Best time wins!

Beauty Pageant:

  1. Sexiest Senior: The judges will determine which dog over the age of 7 still has some style and woos the audience the most!
  2. Scruffiest Dog: Does your dog need a makeover? The team at The Wag Dog Grooming will decide who wins a free makeover by them!
  3. Best Costume: The judges will be looking for the most unique or impressive costume on the dogs! Bonus points if you come as a costume duo with your dog!
  4. Evening Wear: Dress your dog up and show off their elegance! The judges will determine who is dressed to the nines and deserves the prize!
  5. Swimsuit Competition: Because you can't have a beauty pageant without swimwear! Don't worry, only your dogs get dressed up for this one!
  6. Best Tail, Best Ears and Best Hairdo: The judges will be awarding these to the deserving competitor from the entire beauty pageant!

Grand Prize Winners:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Show 2017! The male and female dog with the most points overall will be crowned!

The day will be filled with a variety of activities for your whole family and your dog. There will be snacks and refreshments for dogs and humans, food trucks will be serving up goodies, splash park for the dogs, outdoor agility and animals available for adoption! There will also be a variety of fundraising activities and so much more!

Local businesses joining us:
Brindleberry Acres
Puppy Wearz
Tailblazers Copperfield
The Wag Inc
Representatives from Young Living Essential Oils will be there as well!
More announced soon!

Local animal rescue groups joining us:
Beagle Paws

Food Trucks at the event:
Purple Pastry Chef
The Veggie Truck

Cartoonist available for pet caricatures:
A Big Kettle of Fish Design Co

Mutt Show is hosted in partnership with:

The Wag