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We have a comprehensive training program to create the ultimate urbanK9. An urbanK9 is a well-mannered dog with the training and socialization to successfully integrate into our human world! This program is membership based, so come as little or as often as you like! No one offers this kind of convenience and thorough training program in Calgary!

Classes for any dog:

We offer programs for everything from puppies, to obedience, to specialized training sessions to classes designed to help our fearful or reactive canine companions. If you are having a challenge, we have the solution. And if you are looking for new creative ways to get out with your dog, we have a wide range of programs to help!

Group Classes


dogma offers the largest range of classes you will find in Calgary. All of our classes are taught by certified instructors. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to education and to provide the most up-to-date and proven methods in the industry.

Click on each of the below titles to find out about all of the classes we offer.

  • PUPS (Positive Urban Puppy Socialization) +

    Is your dog under 20 weeks? These classes are for you! dogma offers a unique approach to puppy classes. Join our puppy obedience training program V.I.PUPS (Very Important PUPS) to learn basic skills, teach manners and prevent behaviour problems. V.I.PUPS includes our FREE PUPS socialization classes. Attend up to four times per week! These highly praised classes cover everything you need to develop a well-socialized and well-behaved canine companion. Read More
  • urbanK9 (obedience program) +

    Is your dog over 20 weeks? Are you looking for foundation obedience? These classes are for you! Our foundation obedience classes where dogma offers a unique approach to the traditional training classes. Our classes are built around a membership concept. We have two training facilities and the knowledge that foundation classes should be held indoors to build success and reliability before taking the skills outside. These classes are flexible to work within your schedule and offer a variety of solutions to help you create the ideal canine citizen! Read More
  • Skills Tune-up, Sports & Play +

    Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Need to refine a specific skill? Or want to challenge or do a sport with your dog? These classes are for you! We understand that sometimes certain skills just need a bit of fine-tuning or you may just want to get out and do something new and fun with your dog. Our clinics have seasonal specialty training or on-going training for everything from recall, tricks, self control or overall manners! Read More
  • Reactive urbanK9 +

    Does your dog bark/lunge at other dogs or strangers? Is your dog shy and needs to build their confidence? These classes are for you! dogma specializes in complex behaviour concerns. We offer a wide range of programs to assist your reactive dog with leash aggression or to integrate them back with their canine companions. We also have classes for nervous dogs who need to build their confidence and realize the world is not such a scary place. We help you through the entire process and we were the first to offer foundation, agility and outdoor classes designed just for reactive or fearful dogs in Calgary. Read More
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We have the widest range of dog training programs available in Calgary! Everything from specialized puppy programs, training while your dog attends daycare, group classes and private training. Our programs are designed for the busy professional, so we can help you develop the ultimate urbanK9, even when you have a busy schedule!