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Do you struggle finding the time to train your dog?

We understand that life is busy and have a variety of options to help you with training your dog! We offer a range of private training options to ensure no one has to wait to find the time to train their dog! Waiting does not fix the problem, so let us help you right away!


Do you need more specialized training programs?

We understand that group classes are not always the best solution. We can come to you or a location of your choice. Or we can provide training at our facility while your dog is here to play at dogmaU! We offer specialized programs for puppies and can conduct do assessments to integrate your dog back with their canine companions. 

Private Training


Does your dog have a particular behaviour problem you are struggling with? Do you feel like you need help with your dog to polish up a particular skill? Do you struggle to find the time to train your dog? Our private training options are tailored to the needs of you and or pet. They can be done at our facility, your home or a location of your choice. These can be focused on basic obedience, manners training, fear/reactivity/aggression concerns or any problem you may be having with your dog! Our training can be designed for dogs of any breed/age, and we will work with any problem.


Do not wait for the problem to go away! Book with dogma to learn how to resolve your concerns and get back to enjoying your time with your dog!



  • kinderPUPS +

    kinderPUPS is Calgary's only training & socialization program that is available full-time at a canine facility and operated by a whole team of certified trainers! Let us help you create an ideal urbanK9 so that your puppy grows to be a confident, well-mannered and well-socialized dog. This is an ideal program for those of us that struggle finding the time to train our dogs, but do not want to miss the most important stage of their learning and development. Read More
  • Consultations +

    These are one-on-one training sessions with you and your dog that can be booked at your home, one of our facilities or a location of your choice. Enjoy the advantage of having one of our certified trainers focused just on your dog and to support and assist you at overcoming any concern. Read More
  • Day School Training +

    If your dog is a dogmaU attendee, then we have some excellent private training options for while they are with us for the day! One of our certified trainers will help your dog brush up on some skills or work through more intensive concerns. This is ideal for the busy individual who struggles to find time to train their dog! Read More
  • Private Training Bundles +

    We know that lives are busier than ever. We also know that you love your dog but that it can be a challenge to find the time to train them. Or perhaps you understand the benefits of having a professional trainer help to fine-tune some of your dog's skills or modify their behaviour concerns. Whatever your reason, dogma is here to help! We are here to revolutionize and enhance the lives of dogs and part of that is to make training accessible and successful. We offer a wide range of training solutions and are proud to introduce Private Training Bundles! Gain more success, learn more and save more! Read More
  • Training Bundle Payment Plans +

    dogma is committed to making dog training convenient and accessible. Our payment plans allow you to easily commit to training for your dog and still receive all of the benefits of our bundles!  Plans available: Obedience training Bundles: urbanK9 Development (2 Months): $520 + gst/month for 2 months urbanK9 Refinement (2 Months): $275 + gst/month for 2 months Problem Solving Bundles: Guidance (2 Months): $360 +gst/month for 2 months Extensive (2 Months): $530 + gst/month for 2 months Intensive (4 Months): $385 + gst/month for 4 months The Fine Print: If you register between the 1st and the 15th of month, the payment will be for that month, and the second payment will come out the following month. If your register between the 16th and the end of the month, the payment will be for the following month. For example, a payment made June 18th will be put towards July's monthly payment. The remaining payments will be taken out the first of the month, each month, starting in August. Payment by credit card and post-dated cheques only. If you are paying by credit card, you can fill out the agreement and send it back to us via email. If you are paying by post-dated cheques, you must come into one of our locations to pay, and a credit card is required on file. You are responsible for every monthly payment on the 1st of each month, as outlined in your agreement, for the duration of your training, regardless of how you progress through the training. All payments are non-refundable. The membership is non-transferable. You will be charged a $25 fee for any NSF payments and your training will be discontinued, with no extensions, until payment is made. Read More
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