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Seminars at dogma

We are Calgary’s only Canine Education Center! We provide a wide range of training programs and understand that dog owners require the education to provide the best for their dogs! We offer seminars on everything from canine communication and learning, to off leash play to understanding fear and reactivity concerns!

Bring dogma to you!

Bring the experts to your dog care facility or location of your choice! We have a variety of programs or can customize them to provide team training! If you work with dogs, set yourself above the rest by ensuring your team understands the latest and has the knowledge to provide the best care!


seminarscircleWe believe that education is a critical part to the success of our dogs in the urban world. A majority of the dogs we see with behaviour problems are caused by a miscommunication; and it is always our own miscommunication or misunderstanding of our dog's behaviour. Our mission is to provide comprehensive dog owner education. As such, we have developed a wide range of in-depth seminars to help you better understand your dog.                           

  • Each seminar is $30+gst per person
  • Or, purchase a 3 seminar pass for $75+gst (*expires 1 year from date of purchase)
  • All fees are non-refundable
  • All seminars at our Killarney location, unless otherwise noted


Dog Talk

Do you often wonder what your dog is communicating to yourself, family members or other dogs? Dogs communicate primarily through body language and this seminar will help you to correctly understand more about how they do this. Through picture and video examples, you will leave this session with a deep comprehension and a better understanding of dog speak.

This seminar is included in your urbanK9 membership and attendance is required to complete Focus & Reliability!

Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00pm (Killarney)
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How to Train Your Spouse... and Your Dog!

Dogs adapt quickly to our ways and learn how to respond to us. They are amazing animals which is why they have become an integral part of the urban lifestyle. Part of our responsibility as guardians to our dogs should be that we understand how they learn and understand the world. This allows us to effectively assist them at successfully adapting into the human lifestyle. Don't miss this session full of useful information to help improve how you interact and interpret your dog's behaviour!

This seminar is included in your urbanK9 membership and attendance is required to complete Focus & Reliability!

Classes coming soon!


Understanding Fear and Reactivity in our Dogs Webinar

Working with a fearful dog, whether it is your own or a foster, can be a heartbreaking experience. Reactivity in dogs is becoming a common and growing problem. This webinar will help you understand the causes of fear and reactivity, how to recognize signs in canine communication to help you be proactive when working with your fearful or reactive dog and will inspire you with ideas to help your dog move forward! This webinar is included in our Reactive urbanK9 program. Find out more here.

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We believe in education. We know that the key to success for a dog is that their owners are well educated in canine communication and learning. We also believe that any professional who works with dogs such be required to have a solid understanding in canine behaviour, communication and learning. Our seminars are the first step to help with this. Take advantage of this low cost learning. We have a variety of topics and can customize training for your needs!