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"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."
 - Edward Hoagland



I cannot thank Hailee at Dogma on 70th enough for the transformation that has occurred in my dog Archie. He is a rescue from Mexico and had been very poorly treated. As a result he was extremely fearful of everything and reacted with aggression. This was far beyond my skill set to deal with and I was contemplating having to surrender him as he was aggressive with other dogs in my house as well as any visitor that came over.

Archie did a couple of full day one-on-one trainer sessions with Hailee and the difference was remarkable. He continued with some Play & Train sessions and now attends day care sessions twice a week to continue to learn how to play and socialize with dogs outside of his "pack" at home.

Archie is now a happy, friendly pup who really enjoys new things – he is still learning that people are not going to hurt him, but he has made tremendous strides. Without the expert training and support that Dogma provided, Archie would not be where he is today! Thanks again ladies for all you have done for him and me.

Sandra Clarkson



My husband Alan and I did a reactivity class with you earlier this year with Stoli and Maria. If anything you probably remember Stoli :-)

I had two updates I wanted to share with you. First I passed on that Easy walk leash to a lady in my neighbourhood. I kept seeing her struggling A LOT with her chocolate lab puppy. The walks looked incredibly stressful for them both. She probably thought I was crazy running out after her (we don't know each other), but I knew she needed help. I gave her the harness and showed her how to use it. Now I see them walking nicely with the harness and I am sure they are both enjoying the walks a lot more. It makes me smile each time I see them. So thanks for introducing us to that.

Second update is that both our dogs are doing well and in fact Maria has been accepted into the PALS program! She passed her screening last weekend which involved being in a very small room nose to tail with 9 other dogs and people. Oh and a CAT!! There was no contact allowed whatsoever. I was so proud of her. Soon we hope to be out visiting some seniors to spread a little doggie love. You helped us accomplish this. Thank you!

Wendy Bull


Hi Megan,
I wanted to say thank you for everything. Your class was great and it is so nice to see my little Titan behaving like such a good dog. It has helped me move to seeing him as wow you're a great dog but you drive me crazy sometimes to wow you are a great dog and I am proud of you and know you can do it. I would really like to enroll him in the agility class as well as the outdoor class (in the spring or summer). He loves agility and you can just see him change and focus on doing it. He is a pretty intense dog and it is great to get him focused on stuff (and stuff that he is really good at!!).

I wanted you to know that you are fabulous at reassuring us and instill such trust in all of us to get all of our dogs in the room together. I am totally sold and will be happy to recommend you to anyone out there.

From the bottom of Titan and I's hearts we thank you and look forwad to continuing our training at Dogma.



Just wanted to share this HUGE success with Kya.

Kya's owner and myself had both attended your reactive workshop in Medicine Hat. And Kya wouldn't take treats and was not comfortable with any people or dogs. Well today they stopped in at the Adoption Weekend at Pet Valu and she met my dog Maya and they got along great. Kya approached Maya and myself as well as many other people and the four pit bulls that were there. She didn't like their energy so she chose to walk away instead of react! I was almost in tears with her progress so amazing!!! Thank you for coming to town and sharing your knowledge I keep using your techniques with many of my reactive clients and have had huge success!